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30th November 2011

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If you haven’t heard, Occupy Philly was evicted last night. This is just 10 of the over 1000 images I took last night. You can see about 100 images at  http://www.michaelalbany.com/occupy-philadelphia-eviction/


From Joe Piette:

Hundreds of cops, some on horses, evicted Occupy Philly from City Hall after midnight, then surrounded supporters.  Some police violence occurred, with 50 arrested. Video can be seen here:http://occupyphillymedia.org/video/police-attack-occupy-philly

Jail solidarity taking place today at the Roundhouse. Prearranged plan to converge on Rittenhouse Square, in Center City’s wealthiest neighborhood, at 4pm today will be next flash point.

A View from Inside the Overnight Raid and Arrests of Occupy Philly:

“Both sides taunted. When the group was barricaded by bike cops from Dilworth Plaza to the south, an Occupier repeated a common meme throughout the night: “The police are the 99 Percent,” “They should join us,” (and when that doesn’t work) “Our tax dollars pay your salary.”

“You don’t pay taxes,” said one officer to a protester.

“Yeah, I do,” he retorted.

“You have a job?”

“I have two jobs!” the protester yelled back.

The cop bluntly said he didn’t believe the protester, and insisted while the protester did not pay taxes, he, the police officer, does.”

(via joeross)

You see? the police are brainwashed. they’ve been lead to believe that they’re the good guys.

Source: zhounder

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    You see? the police are brainwashed. they’ve been lead to believe that they’re the good guys.
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